How can I lose weight from my arms fast?

weightloss expert Mary Miller

The basic principle to losing weight is to burn more food (energy) than you eat. That sounds simple, but it is a little more in depth than that. In addition, there are many people with trouble spots on their body, areas that like to collect more fat or weight than other areas. Whether this area is in the stomach, thighs, or arms, it can be frustrating to have trouble spots. Many people want to target those areas specifically for weight loss, but that isn’t very easy to do. “How can I lose weight from my arms?” is a common question for those with bigger or heavy arms. The question sounds simple, but “How can I lose weight from my arms?” does not have an answer that has anything to do with the arms. In order to make your arms lose excess fat, you have to lose excess fat from your entire body. Focus your goal on weight loss as a whole, and you’ll see those arms shrink in the process.

lose weight from my arms fast
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How can I lose weight from my arms?” is still going to be in the mind of many people, even though the arms shouldn’t be the focus. If you are really trying to key in on those arms, there are a variety of exercises you can do that will get those arms moving, which will still help them thin out as you go. Some exercises you can do with no equipment, in the comfort of your home, or at a gym in a class given by an instructor. Whichever you chose, find something you enjoy so that you stick with it and your arms lean out and you stop asking yourself “How can I lose weight from my arms?”

• Cardio or Aerobic Kickboxing – this is a fabulous exercise for the arms. This also can be done at home with a workout DVD, or in a class at a gym, or you can just follow a written routine keeping count on your own. This is an exercise that sort of combines a few things, such as boxing and martial arts. It has been a popular exercise for the past few years. The workouts are designed to burn fat and improve strength and flexibility. Most kickboxing sessions combine a variety of arm movements (punches), such as the jab, upper cut, and a cross. These are great moves to help you work on your question “How can I lose weight from my arms?” You can do this in the air, or you can actually get a standing punching bag or hanging bag to punch at, which will give you more actual resistance.

• Elliptical running with arms – using the elliptical machine is a great cardio exercise to burn fat. It is a low impact running movement on a machine. However, the real payoff that can help you with your question “How can I lose weight from my arms?” is that some of them have arm bars, which help you move your arms back and forth quickly, to burn extra fat and calories and work the arm muscles. You can increase or decrease the resistance, which helps intensify the workout when you are really pushing for more burn. You can also focus just your movement with upper body. Your legs will still be used, but you can focus pushing and pulling with your arms which will increase the fat burning focus to that part of your body.

• Rowing Machines – if you really want to burn off those arms, with a question like “How can I lose weight from my arms?” try the rowing machine! It’s a fabulous upper body aerobic exercise that requires a lot of arm movement and upper body strength. With this machine, you’re in a sitting position, your legs stay pretty still, propped against foot rests. When you are seated, you hold onto a bar or handles and pull from your feet to a leaning back position. So the full range of your motion is from a leaning forward to a leaning back position. This requires a lot of arm strength, and upper back and core strength.

• Swimming – for anyone who has problems with high-impact exercises, swimming is a fantastic alternative for burning fat and working the upper body, including the arms. You can join in a water aerobics class, if you enjoy the social fun workout scene, or just go to your local swimming pool or gym with a pool and perform lap swimming. Breast stroke, side stroke, or back stroke, no matter what your style, you’ll be burning fat in no time, and those arms will really begin to firm up. “How can I lose weight from my arms?” won’t even cross your mind as each lap gets you more and more in shape.

• Jump rope – now this workout is, of course, great for your legs as well as your arms. Because you are also using your legs quite a bit, you will burn a lot more fat in the process. This is what you want from your workouts, so it’s a great option. However, even more so is that you are using your arms a lot in the process of jumping rope. This will help you burn excess fat in your arms. Increase your speed when you are jumping rope, or try criss crossing the jump rope in front of you to add variety and change up the movement of your arms. After this work out, you’ll feel it in your arms, and you won’t need to ask “How can I lose weight from my arms?”

If these exercises listed aren’t your preferred workout flavor, there are other options available. Check out your favorite gym for the various aerobic classes they offer. Most important is to have fun with what you are doing, or at least enjoy your workouts somewhat, so that you keep at them. Giving up is the only thing that will stop you from eliminating your question “How can I lose weight from my arms?” If you keep up with your exercising, you’ll have great looking arms in no time.

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